She is me Print Series

She is me print series are for the females who are bold. The females who are unique. The females who need to unleash their inner goddess and remind themselves that they are everything. 

These prints are about unleashing that divine power inside and having a constant reminder that YOU are enough. That YOU are magical. That YOU are perfect just the way you are. That YOU do not need to change for ANYONE.

Unlock that divine energy, call her out and start showing yourself some Self Love. Hang it up, put it beside your bedside table, put these prints EVERYWHERE to remind your inner goddess she is ALIVE. She is HEARD. She is ENOUGH.

All prints are designed and created by Lauren Minicozzi. All prints are on 300gsm paper in either A4 or A5 in size.

If you were wanting to pack it in a frame, please email for a quote as this will change the shipping price and means the print will need to be delivered in a box (which is more expensive.)