Lauren is passionate in adding value to peoples lives. If she can help just one person, she knows she has done her job. Through empowering females and sharing her journey, Lauren provides various presentations on self love, gratitude, body image and social media and her Health Journey in order to spread awareness and inspire others.

From school presentations to events, Lauren can individualise an offering to suit your needs.

Please email: for any inquiries 

Health Coaching (1:1 and group) 

Through her powerful and inspiring journey she found a passion inside her to help people out there who may have been through something similar to her. Who may be scared of food, have an unhealthy relationship with themselves or need some support or guidance.
This led Lauren to pursing her studies and completing a certificate in Nutrition and Wellbeing Coaching with Cadence Health.
She aims to uplift and fulfill females who may be stuck, confused, finding it hard to reach their goals or feel like something is missing.⁣
Reach out to her for a discovery call to see if she can help you start living and embodying the true female goddess you are and free yourself.
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Want to join a group of females who are working on themselves? Showing self love? Finding inner acceptance and unlocking inner happiness? This facebook community is a supportive group for females to support one another with our journeys, stay accountable and have a safe space to speak our minds. Together we can continue to change this world and benefit not only ourselves but others around us  e are all here to support and help one another grow!  
"She remembered who she was and the game changed"