Self love Diary

The self-love diary is a year diary, based diary dedicated to practising and owning self-love. It was created as an inspirational platform for girls to use daily. One that would help and act as a constant reminder. That acts as a daily reminder to practise self-love. The self-love diary I created has little acknowledgments inside, weekly self-love tasks to do and inspirational quotes to ensure she stays on her path. It makes her practise self-love daily and holds her accountable. This diary is a constant reminder for her to be present. To live in the present. To start loving herself. To start practising self-love. It acts as a constant reminder of how beautiful she is. By having a daily reminder for her to love herself it promotes positive thinking and something they can feel safe and confide in.

It's all about empowering young females to have something to help them reflect on themselves and keep them motivated to ensure they are looking after themselves and forming a healthy relationship with themselves