It's called social distancing not social disconnection

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Social distancing does not mean removing social connection.

It is important during these times that we abide by the recommended guidelines of maintaining that 1.5m radius from another, avoid leaving your house and self-isolate. However, this does NOT mean we must disconnect and limit our connections with others. This does not mean we cannot interact with others, talk to others or speak with others. Social distancing implies that we need to limit our distance from those around us but you do not need to be physically in the presence of another person in order to practise social connection- far from it. With the beauty of technology, we are able to connect with other souls and ensure we are getting the human connection our souls crave.

Yes staying at home can be tough. Not leaving your house is challenging. We live in a connected society where we have free will and can do what we want when we want- so when someone tells us to stay home our inner ego can arc up and make us question and want to test these boundaries. But it is important that we listen to these recommendations in order to flatten the curve and FINALLY have that house party we've all suddenly been craving (isn't it funny how it takes restrictions to make us want something? That old saying, always want what you can't have coming into full effect). 

However, like I said it can be challenging to stay at home. I have seen memes and quotes go around about 'our grandparents being called to war and all we're asked to do is sit down, watch NetFlix and chill.' Yes, it is true. Yes, it seems simple- actually quite easy. We have nothing to complain about when we compare our situation to previous generations. We have nothing to bitch and moan about. However, that does not mean it is not tough. That does not mean it is not challenging. Yes, when compared to previous generations, what they went through we cannot comprehend, we cannot even fathom, but every situation is relative. 

For this point in time, for this generation, for this moment, it is tough. Stop beating yourself up about feeling guilty for complaining. Feeling guilty for finding it difficult to abide by the regulations. It is difficult. We have been brought up in a time where we have flexibility. Where we have freedom. Where we love to keep busy and occupied. We are the generation who loves to work but also loves to live. Be able to socialise. Tick off our goals, travel to experience, explore different cities, we are the generation that changed how previous generations live. It is ok to feel these emotions because for us we have nothing to compare it to. For us, we only have what our previous life was like. And when we compare it to what is happening right now, what the rules are, our freedom being compromised, yeah it is tough. And that's ok. That's ok to admit. That's ok to feel sad. To feel annoyed. To feel mad. It's ok to feel these feelings. Give yourself permission.

It's shit- I know. But feeling guilty will get you nowhere. It will only worsen that headspace and make you feel heavier. Allow yourself to feel these emotions. Give yourself permission to feel upset. Confront these emotions and sit with them. Allow them to wash over. But then do something about it. Do something to get yourself out of this headspace. Once you allow these feelings to surface, confront them, set out a plan as to how you can utilise this time we have been granted. Use this time to sit down, think, meditate, work on yourself; you now have nothing to distract yourself with (unless you're like me, then the pantry and fridge are pretty distracting). But on the contrast, allow yourself to do nothing. If you do not have the energy to do these things, that's ok. It is ok if all you are doing is surviving right now.

Times have changed and unfortunately, I don't think they will be changing back anytime soon. So use this time to connect within. To start that project you wanted to start. To ring that friend you haven't spoken with in so long. To create new traits and patterns that will better your life. Hate meditating? Well, learn to love it! You have the time now to sit with your thoughts, sit with your feelings and stop avoiding the things you have been avoiding for so long. When you sit in silence, it allows answers to arise, it allows yourself to grow and start embracing the discomfort. You are not alone. We're all in this together. But also allow yourself to just be in this moment. To feel shit. To feel upset. To 'just' survive.

So remember, social distancing does not mean disconnect from society. It means to avoid physical interaction but luckily for technology, we can still connect, still grow and still learn from one another. Don't allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole and get sucked into a toxic cycle. Give yourself some love. Allow yourself to feel sad. Remove the guilt- then move on. It's ok to feel all the feelings at the moment. But don't allow yourself to have the associated guilt that inner voice is making you feel. Don't allow yourself to stay in this headspace for longer than needs to. Sit with the emotions, allow yourself to process what is happening and then cop yourself some slack! Give yourself a break. Remove the associated guilt. Create new routines, new patterns and better your health both mentally and physically. 

Yes, times have changed. It is tough to self-isolate. Yes, we are fortunate we are not in a war born state like previous generations, but when we compare it to what we are used to, it is tough. And that's ok.  But try to utilise this time to make the most out of it. You will never have this time to just sit and do all the things you've wanted to do for so long. Create, design, bake, mediate, colour in, build, breathe and move (yes walking to the fridge is classified in my book as movement ;). And remember, stay connected. Keep that human connection and bounce off one another. You are not alone. We are in this together. And if all the above seems too tough at the moment, know that is ok too. It is ok to just be surviving right now. 

Corona does not discriminate. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, nice or kind, healthy or wealthy, we are all on the same playing field. There's something magical in this. It is allowing ourselves to realise we are all one and we are all the same.

Stay safe. Stay connected. Remove the guilt. Process emotions. Become familiar with yourself. Find out what you are craving or desiring. Find out what is lighting up your soul. And just survive. 

With love and blessings

Lauren Minicozzi


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