Not All Scars Are Visible, But All Scars Can Be Healed

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It’s true. Not all scars are visible. Some are hidden, deep into the parts we do not show. Deep into the areas that are continually covered. Deep into our bodies. These scars can be so deeply engraved that it can seem impossible to heal them. Impossible to detach ourselves from them. Impossible to move on from them. They can control our lives. Control our thoughts. Control our actions. Stop us from expanding. Stop us from growing. Stop us from reaching our true potential.

Just because these scars are hidden does not mean they do not exist. Does not mean they don’t affect us. Usually these deep scars cause the most significant pain as we avoid speaking about them. There’re no triggers for others to ask about them so we do not allow ourselves to open up about them. We remain a closed book. There’s nothing forcing you to start speaking about them and processing the energy they are holding. The negative impact they may be causing. These scars are so deeply embedded that they can become our identity. We may feel we cannot see a life without them. They are a part of us.

In order to not feel, we push these scars further down- causing a deeper scar. A deeper scar that feels it will never end. We continue to open this scar and do not allow the healing to occur. Do not allow ourselves to process this experience. These scars although may not be visible, cause a lasting mark. Have a lasting impact.

The beauty of a scar is, that they can all be healed. They can all be mended. We have the power to change the way we process this scar and allow it to come to the surface. Allow ourselves to finally close that scar and stop it from getting deeper. Stop it from opening up and never closing over. We have the power to change this. Our minds are powerful beyond words. They have the ability to do anything and everything. By processing this scar and allowing it to come to the surface helps you ensure it does not continue to get deeper. Continue to grow it. By healing this scar, you are healing yourself. Allowing yourself to move on. To be free. To detach yourself from that experience and not allow it to define you.

Yes, this scar is a part of you. It may have taught you resilience, courage, hardship or love, but it is not all of you. Allow yourself to be who you are whole heartedly and continue growing.

Know that when you mend this scar it does not mean it will go forever. It does not mean the surface will now be smooth. Depending on how deep this scar is will depend on what it leaves behind. It may leave a bump or a mark but know that that is ok. It acts as a reminder as to how far you’ve come and the resilience within you. It can allow you to move on without it holding you back but remind you of how powerful you truly are.

Just because you may have a scar, does not mean you cannot be healed.

Not all scars are visible, but all scars can be healed.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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