Where did this voice come from?

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That little voice inside your head. Where did it come from? Why has it started becoming louder? It used to be so quiet. Was I born with it? Has it always been there?

The answer is no.

That little voice in your head did not just appear. Something happened. Something happened in your life to make you start doubting yourself. To make you start doubting your looks. Your body. Your flaws (that are not flaws!) Something happened. Think about it. When you were a child you did not think about these surface issues. You did not think about the way your stomach looked when you were rolling on the ground. When you were pulling your legs. When you were sitting up-right. None of these thoughts ever consumed your mind. So, what happened? What was the turning point to allow this voice to come into practice? To allow her to start becoming louder.

This could have been something so small. Something so minor. It could have been an incident that had happened where someone called you fat. Where you saw other girls pin point their flaws and taught this was normal. It could have been the introduction of social media and the continual comparisons we are faced with daily. But something happened to allow this voice to surface. To allow her to run the show. To allow this #bodyshame and #selfhate to occur. But once you start acknowledging this voice; once you start recognising this voice; you can start controlling it. You can start controlling your actions. You can differentiate between the voice that is sabotaging you and how you are actually feeling.

You can start to unleash YOUR #power. You can start to tap in to a place from love rather than a place of hate. Once you acknowledge these thoughts you then have the choice to LET THEM GO. They do not serve you. They do not allow you to become better. To become stronger. They knock you down. But being able to differentiate them will allow you to become stronger. To start listening to your soul and let that little girl free! Do not let these thoughts control you. Do not let them consume you. This voice is NOT YOU. It is the repercussions of an event that has happened. It is not who you are. It is not who you will become!

Once you can identify this it will no longer rule your life. That voice will get quieter. You have the power to train it. You have the power to continue to feed it and let it grow or stop it from growing. Stop it from expanding. Allow it to come but let it fade away. You have the strength.

This voice does not determine who you are. You are stronger. You are a boss babe who has been on an amazing yet tough journey but has come out the other end! She has #bodylove #bodycondifence and can control the voice that tells her otherwise! Don’t let her run the show. Let yourself run it!

You have the power.

Use it.


Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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