Are you 'trying' to live or are you 'actually' living?

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We are all trying to live, trying to survive, trying to get by, but the real question is are you actually living? ⁣ ⁣

We go through life in robot mode. Almost like we’re zombies. The daily grind becomes the same. It becomes a hassle. It becomes the routine. It becomes life. We forget about actually living and we are on repeat mode. Constantly pushing ourselves to live a certain way. We are constantly grinding and thinking we’re living to just get by. To just live in this bubble. To just put food on the table. To just work. To just live for the weekend. ⁣We say we are living but we are not experiencing life for what it truly is. ⁣

This brings me to my question; are you actually living? Are you actually enjoying life? Are you actually excited about each day? Are you actually doing something that feeds your soul? That nurtures your body? Do you get out of bed with a kick to your step? With a feeling of appreciation? ⁣Do you get out of bed excited for the day ahead? Excited for the lessons you will learn and the challenges you will face? Are you excited about being on this earth and being able to live at this time?

So many of us forget to actually live. We forget that life is meant to be enjoyed. We are too focused on work, the daily grind and just getting by, we are too focused on pleasing others instead of focusing on how to please ourselves. We seem to neglect ourselves as we feel there is no time to check-in. No time to do something we enjoy. There is no time for me time.

So I ask you, what is the point of living if you are not actually living? if you have no time for yourself? If you cannot give yourself time to do things you enjoy. You love. To take a breather. To take a break. To remove yourself from this robotic movement. From this bubble that we seem to call every day life. Remove yourself from this pattern and start focusing on yourself. Start living. ⁣

Life is too short to just live. Start focusing on you and enjoying the things that fill you up. That brings you happiness. That allows you to actually live. We are not living if we are just doing the same thing on repeat, unhappy, unmotivated and unsatisfied. We need to start fuelling ourselves within. Start to bring joy back into our lives. Start to switch it up. Add some spark. Add some happiness within. ⁣

This is not selfish. This is not unrealistic. You need to make it realistic. You need to give yourself this time to not burn out. Why go through life with rose coloured glasses and think everything is dandy and fine? Think that it is normal the way you are living. Being fooled by what living actually means. Take off the glasses. Remove the inner talk. Stop with all the excuses and start living. Yes, I understand we need to work. We need to earn money. We live in this society and without these necessities, we cannot live in comfort. But you can make small changes to help you start living. To fuel you up within. To bring that spark back.

Think about this. Why is it we have so much joy when we are young. When we are wild. When we are free. Then when we hit adulthood, we allow that to get taken from us. We strip ourselves from this fun and get sucked into the societal bubble of how we should live. Sucked into this bubble to survive.

I challenge you to take a step out of this bubble. To bring joy back into your life. This does not mean you cannot grind and you shouldn't work. It just means you allow yourself some you time and bring that joy back. Bring that inner child back. Actually LIVE. What is it you are craving? What is it that brings a smile to your face?⁣

We are all living. We are all breathing. But the difference is are you actually living. Are you actually excited about life? Are you actually happy? If not change it. Start to shake things up. Go do something that brings a smile to your face and allows you to LIVE.⁣

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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