Confronting our Shadows and removing the fear at this critical time.

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There's no question that it is an eerie period at the moment. The air is thick, the energy is sticky, there's no escaping. It feels we are all trapped in a horror film where we have no control and cannot find a way out. Every conversation leads into that dreaded word- coronavirus. Whether you are going for a walking, in line for coffee or attending a gym session, the topic of conversation all revolves around one word.

It is important to stay connected and ensure you are aware of the severities this virus is having on our world, but it is also just as important to distance yourself from it at times. To not allow yourself to become completely consumed by it. To try and take a break from it. Distance isn't always a bad thing and in this case, it is essential.

In severe times like this, fear decides to come into play. It decides to take over our thoughts, emotions, actions and our entire lives. It can create scenarios that you may never have felt you would be in all due to your rational and logical mind being taken over by fear. Instead of making decisions out of a place of love, we start to make irrational decisions based on fear- and that doesn't benefit anyone.

It is important to reflect on yourself. Reflect on your patterns. Reflect on how you approach situations. Now is the time to work on yourself. Work on your thoughts. Work on your shadows. So many of us have been isolated or are self-isolating ourselves during this time. This is prime time to sit down with yourself and be with your thoughts. It is scary- especially if you have never been into mediation or refuse to create stillness in your life.

The thing is, when we are forced to be quiet, when we are forced to find stillness, when we have no distractions, it is when our shadows start to surface. It is when our shadows are displayed. They start to look back at us and we have nowhere to hide, nowhere to go. This is when we must do the work. Confront your shadows. Allow them to be seen. Find out what you are hiding and how you can heal old wounds you may of thought you had hidden away or never wanted to reopen. The fact is, wounds never truly disappear. They may be repaired, they may be healed, but they never truly disappear. They will always be with you. But the secret is being ok with this. Having a wound does not make you a lesser person. Having a wound does not make you a weaker person. It shows strength. It shows resilience. It shows power. Something you should be proud of. It demonstrates an obstacle you have overcome and one where you have come out the other end. 

Just because wounds do not disappear, does not mean you can't overcome them. You can heal wounds and use these as a little mark to remind yourself how powerful you are. How strong you are. But you must deal with the wound. Deal with the shadow. Find out what you are hiding in order to change your energy, raise your vibration, and benefit not just yourself but for society.

Do not be fearful of your wounds. Do not be scared of your shadows. They are not the person you are but can definitely help shape the person you want to become. Now is the chance to finally sit in silence. Sit in stillness. Allow the shadows to surface and find out what you've been hiding. Find out what you need healing.

Remove the fear. Do not allow it to take you on a journey you do not want to go down. Fear holds us back in life. 

Fear of failure. Fear of being judged. Fear of something going wrong. Fear of the unknown. Fear is the one thing that stops us from reaching our full potential. Stops us from pushing the boundaries. Taking risks. Reaching the highest heights. Why do we allow fear to control our lives? Why do we allow ourselves to become victims of fear? Why do we give it so much power?

Face your fears. Allow your shadows to surface. Allow yourself to finally be liberated. Do not allow your shadows to hide back away. Now is the time to delve deep and find out what may be stopping you. Find out what you may be hiding. Feel the liberation once this is done. The freedom you will express.

Yes, it is an unknown time at the moment. Emotions are everywhere. People on different levels. But use this time to become connected with yourself. To allow the shadows to surface and finally put them out. Finally, shed some light on them. This period of time is distilling fear into the majority- which is understandable, but do not allow this to take over your logical mind. Do not allow the fear to corrupt your actions and make you do something you would not normally do. Yes, it can be a scary period we are entering but we will not get through it if we all continue to act from a place of fear. I always talk about looking after yourself first, but it is important to look after the community. To bond together in order to get through this period. We cannot do it on our own. We need the manpower to get over this period in time in order to restore normality back again. 

Stay safe. Watch out for your neighbours. Be kind. Show humility. Spread love. Work on yourself. Remove the fear. 

We will get through this. #powerofthepeople

Sending my love and blessings,


Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren Minicozzi xx

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