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Does anyone else’s heart skip a beat? Palms get sweaty? Nervousness kicks in? Discomfort starts to occur when they hear that word? Failure. Fearing every bit of it.

Why are we all so scared of failure? So scared to do something wrong. So scared at making mistakes. Why have we allowed society to make us feel this way? Failure should not be something we fear rather something we embrace.

With every bit of failure comes growth. Comes opportunity. Comes prosperity. We learn from these experiences in order to help us grow and continue developing. Sometimes you may consider it as a failure but overtime once you look back at that experience you will have learnt or been taught something from it. It is the universes way of teaching us something or guiding us back in the right direction. Sometimes we can be so far off our paths, continuing to ignore the signs that are being signalled to us. We are too absorbed in the noise and forget to listen within. Forget to connect within. These experiences need to occur in order to move us in a different direction. To reassess our decisions. To force ourselves to make a change. So are they really considered failures?

Because what is a failure?

The definition of failure is considered ‘a lack of success’. But how can we consider anything we do a lack of success? If we continue to grow, if we continue to learn, how can we say we have failed if we do not meet a goal? If we do not reach a goal?

Who set that goal anyway? Was it your ego? What does that goal look like? If you did not reach that specific goal but reached another one is it really considered a failure? If you did not reach a certain goal you set yourself were you supposed to reach it at all? Did you learn something on that journey? What did you take out from that journey? I can guarantee you that you would have been taught a lesson in between - and that in itself is a success, not a failure.


So why be scared of failure? It allows for growth to occur. Lessons to be made. Learnings to occur. Deep healing to happen. Failure shouldn’t be something we are fearful of but rather something we embrace. Embrace the mistakes. Embrace the hurdles. Embrace the barriers. Embrace the ‘failures’. As long as you learn something from every experience, you will always continue to grow. Continue to shine. Continue to move in a direction- whether that be forward, backwards, diagonal or sideways. Any movement is good movement as it is a step in another direction. A step in a new perspective. A step for change. A shift in the right direction. An opportunity to learn. An opportunity to grow. An opportunity to rise.

So next time you consider yourself a failure or like you have failed at something, reassess. Take a moment to think about what you learnt from that experience. What you took from that experience. How you can grow from that experience. Change it into a success. As you continue to grow, you continue to change. You continue to reach your potential. You continue to work on yourself. Continue to better yourself.

Failure is a blessing. Stop fearing failure. Start embracing it. It’s a success in itself.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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