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It’s funny that so many of us see something different to what’s actually in that reflection. Something different to what’s actually in that mirror. Something different to what actually is staring directly back at us. So many of us see something completely different to what others see. Our eyes play tricks on us. They play games with us. Most find they are constantly focusing on their ‘perceived flaws’ they feel they have instead of focusing on the parts they like about themselves. These so-called flaws become bigger and more noticeable in their eyes. It is the first thing most see when they are looking at their reflections. Sometimes these flaws do not even exist but yet our eyes have grown to think they do. Our eyes have created these flaws due to the messages we are sending to them. Due to what we are communicating to them.

Am I confusing you yet?

Think about it like this. If you continue to tell yourself one thing over and over time, you will start to believe it. It’s like when you were a kid and didn’t want to go to school so you faked a sickie. Then the guilt may have started eating away at you, so you start to convince yourself that maybe you are sick. That you feel a fever coming up. That your temperature is rising. That you feel like you are going to get sick. Then before you realise it you have tricked yourself into becoming sick. Anyone else guilty of this? Our minds are powerful beyond words. So, imagine if you continue to focus on your so-called perceived flaws. Continue feeding this information to your brain and allowing these flaws to grow. To grow into something. It’s the only thing you see. But yet others don’t see this as you have created these flaws in your head. In your imagination.

Imagine if you changed your thoughts and changed the messages you were sending to your mind. Changed the reflection your eyes saw. Imagine if you started focusing on the aspects you liked about yourself. The parts you loved about yourself. The ones that make you unique and you are proud of! Imagine growing these aspects and allowing them to shine and become the sole focus of what you saw. Of what stood out in that mirror. Image the change that would occur in your eyes.

Think about it like this. If you are having a bad day and continue to focus on the negatives you will find negative situations will continue to arise. But if you changed your mindset and started to see the positives in these situations, you will find your mood changes. Suddenly positive opportunities start coming your way. This is due to the energy you put out returning in a similar way.

So why do we continue to focus on the negatives instead of the positives about ourselves. Why give these aspects more light when we do not need to feed them to become something bigger. To become a monster within. Start changing your thought processes. Start changing the messages you are sending to yourself. Next time you look at the mirror I challenge you to focus on the parts YOU LOVE or LIKE about yourself. Focus on the parts that will make you feel good inside and the parts that make you unique. You will find your energy will start to change and the reflection in the mirror will be a different reflection to the one prior. The reflection now is a true representation of the beautiful person you are. One who is happier within herself and one who is growing herself.

You wouldn’t point out aspects you didn’t like the look of in your friends so why would you do it to yourself? Why are you bullying yourself and allowing her to feel deflated and unworthy? Start appreciating who you are and changing that reflection looking back. Changing her to what she is actually like. Changing her to what others see her as. Beautiful and powerful.

Don’t underestimate the power of your mind. The power of your eyes. Start taking control back. Start breaking away from these patterns in order to replace them with updated ones. Ones that will serve you and bring you happiness. Start seeing who you truly are and the beauty in that mirror.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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