Get Bikini Body ready?

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Are you serious? Get Bikini Body ready? Get summer body ready? Why? Why must we continue to publicise this message. Tell young girls that in order to be summer ready you must lose weight, go to the gym and look a certain way. Why must we reinforce these messages and set girls up for a life of insecurities, self-harm and #bodyshame and #bodyhate.

Summer was my most loved yet hated season. Summer meant sunshine, rays, beach, water, longer days, warmer nights. It meant everything to me. But summer soon turned to be my worst season. Summer meant shorter tops, cropped pants, stomach out, bikini on. It meant you could not hide from yourself. You could not hide from your ‘so-called flaws’. You were on show. You were on display. I used summer to tan on up in order to make myself look better. To make myself look more toned. To make my flaws not so visible. I used summer as a work out itself.

There was so much pressure to look a certain way, be a certain size. So many negative connections associated with the gym. Gyms can play on young girls emotions. Feeding them false statements. Making them think they need to be bikini ready in order for summer. How is one to do this? By heading to the gym and doing as many challenges as possible in order to get to that perfect size. Get to Bikini Body Ready. To get to that perfect shape. To get to that perfect figure. To look that perfect way. Making girls believe they are not summer ready if they don’t have a six pack. If they don’t have a box gap. If they don’t look like the models they are advertising. Why must society play on people’s feelings in order to get money. In order to make money. In order to sell their product. Summer is coming but that doesn’t mean you have to smash yourself at the gym. That doesn’t mean you have to lose 8 kilos in order to be summer ready. If you enjoy the gym go! Go because you #love it. Go because you love the kick you get out of the endorphins. Go because you want to! Not because you have to in order to be summer ready.

Young girls do not stand a chance these days. If we continue blasting them with images of so-called summer ready bikini shots how do you expect them to have any self-confidence, #bodyconfidence #bodylove if they do not look like that? How do you expect them to be proud of who they are if their body does not look like that? Who said they need to look like that? We are already setting them up for failure! Giving them false #hope. False securities. Instead of advertising to be summer ready we should be advertising to be healthy. To exercise TO BE healthy. For your muscles to work, your body to breathe, your mind to be free, not too loose weight to be bikini ready. Stop feeding girls with images of how they should look if they want to wear a bikini.

Everyone has the right to wear a bikini. Everyone should be able to feel safe and not ashamed of how they look in one. Bikini ready is a myth. Because guess what. You will continue to work to this ideal look, but I can promise you 8/10 once you get there it won’t be enough. It won’t be the look you wanted. You will continue working, continue critiquing and it will become an obsession. I have been there. I was there.

Don’t fall down this cycle. Stop yourself. Don’t fall into the summer trap and feel you have to look a certain way. Be proud of your body. Be proud of your flaws. Be proud of your shape. Embrace it all! Be #empowered Show #selflove and know that #rawisbeautiful

You have the choice to fall into these traps or steer yourself away and be free! Be #happy. Stop worrying about being ‘bikini body ready’. EMBRACE YOUR BODY. Embrace the summer sun. Be in the moment not fixated on what you look like. LIVE.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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