Do the thoughts really go away?

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Does that little voice truly disappear forever? Does it really go away?

Unfortunately, no. I still live with that little voice daily. There are still times where I find myself tempted to go back to my old ways due to that voice creeping in. But then I realise something. That the voice allows myself to remain strong. It is a constant reminder of how far I have come. That I am capable of going against what it is telling me. To ignore the #bodyshame talk. That I don’t need to listen to it anymore. That voice allows me to strengthen in times of hardship. To remind myself I am worthy. I am enough.

Use that voice as ammunition. Use it to help you remain on your path. If you find you are steering away from what you truly desire, I can guarantee that voice will come back. It will tell you that you are not worthy. That your body does define you. That you should not eat that extra piece of cake. That you should not eat that extra bit of chocolate. It will keep you on your toes. It will tempt you to fall back into your old ways. But know it does not define you anymore. Be proud you have her there. As she ensures you remain strong. She ensures you grow. She shows you just how much strength you are capable of having. How much strength you have inside of you. This voice allows you to become better. To grow. To achieve. To conquer.

I used to have so much hate for that voice. So much grief. But I learnt to change my views. I learnt to control my thoughts. I learnt she is there for a reason. She is a part of me and I am proud of her. When she starts to get louder I can use this as a sign that something is not right. That I may be neglecting myself. I may be ignoring myself. It may be a sign to express I need to do more #selflove practises. I need to find more time for #selfcare. I need to #love myself and have #bodyacceptance. Show more compassion. More remorse. Not be as tough on myself. This voice shows me that I need to put aside more time for self-care. I know when she gets louder something is not balanced within my life. I may be allowing limiting beliefs to stop me from achieving a goal. To stop me from achieving my dreams. I know when she is on loud I need to take time out to reflect. To take time out for myself and continue my practises.

Without her I would not be the women I am today. I would not have the same passions as I do today. She keeps me in line. She helps me stay balanced. Instead of resenting this voice I have decided to make amends with her. To use her as a signal to help steer me on my path and help keep me accountable to my self-love practises. I know when to call bulls**t on myself as she is there to tell me.

Instead of putting that energy into how much you hate that voice in your head, put it towards how grateful you are to have her. How she can show you when you need to get back on your path. She highlights to you when you are lying to yourself or when you may be selling yourself short. She shows you when you have been neglecting yourself as she gets louder. Be appreciative of her as without this voice; without this signal, you may find yourself away from the place you want to be. Not achieving the dreams you desire. Or showing yourself the compassion and love you need.

So the answer to the above ‘does that voice really go away?’. No. But let’s toast to that little voice in our heads. Thank you for making us accountable for our own lives. For our own goals. For our own journey’s. Without you none of us would not be the people we are today or continue to be the people we are. Cheers. #rawisbeautiful

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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