What is my Super Power?

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A Fighter- not the one in the ring who could KO someone in 5 secs (that’s my sister- and I will never forget her strength as I continue to live with a chipped front tooth… clearly it was not related to food as the outcome would have been different ;)

My super power is being a fighter. The one that never gives up. The one who will continue to push forward in order to overcome the barriers that would continue to find me. The one that never takes no for an answer (hence why the chipped tooth happened). The one who embodies persistence. Whose stubbornness outlines this trait as despite what others say, I continue to keep fighting. I continue to keep my head held high and get myself out of any situation I may find myself in.

I never thought this was a superpower I had. I never acknowledged the inner fighter within (only when it came to sibling rivalry). I always felt defeated, broken and sorry for myself. But what I failed to see was that I could get out of these situations and welcome the next challenge that came my way. I would somehow pick myself up and continue living. There were so many times when I felt enough was enough. I did not want to be here. I did not want to physically be here anymore. But my inner fighter would not allow for this to happen. I could not give up. I could not allow myself to throw in the towel and give in to that little voice in my head. Because that meant failure. That meant defeat. That meant I was taking the easy option out and my ego could not allow for that to happen.

This trait saved me from overcoming years and years of hardship. Years of constant #bodyshame and #mentalhealth issues. It saved me from allowing myself to ring that bell and give up. To hang up my towel and get out of that ring. But that wasn’t me. Your super power becomes louder than words. It becomes your actions. Coming from an ethnic background I was always guaranteed to inherent some of this super power. If any of you have been to any Italian or European functions you know how noisy they are, how boisterous they are and despite there being enough food to feed a village you had to fight your way to score the last zeppole. You had to fight your way in order to secure that last bite of #happiness.

I have come from a family of fighters. My grandparents fighting and moving countries in order to secure a better life for their families. My mum fighting her own battles as she lost her father and brother to suicide. My brother fighting to stay alive when he was just 2 years old as he got hit by a car and was in a critical state. And my father, fighting to provide food for my family in a time of severe drought and hardship among farmers. This super power has been embedded within me at such a young age. I could have given up. I could have left. But that was not me. My super power came when I needed it most. And I guess that’s what makes it a super power. Because despite having nothing left, it is this power that shone through at my darkest times and enabled myself to continue with my journey, continue on this earth, continue doing life. It helped restore #selflove #bodylove #bodyconfidence and become accepting that #rawisbeautiful.

My super power is a fighter!

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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