Money- did your heart just skip a beat?

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Why are so many of us scared of this term? Why do so many of us put such an emphasis on it? We either don’t have enough or we have too much. So many of us feel guilty if we want more. If we aspire for more. If we deserve more. We are made to feel guilty if we believe we should be rewarded for our efforts through money. Unfortunately, much of society have a bad relationship with money. There are half of us who are scared of it. Never have enough. Who continue to live pay check after pay check.

The other half of us have ample. We have an abundance of money that can satisfy our needs. An abundance of money that we can use on various things. Yet- we are still wanting more…

But there is another part of society we seem to forget. This part of society are the part who feel guilty if they ask for more. Who feel guilty if they get more. Who hate to ask for money and will continue to do things out of their goodness of their heart. Will continue to give to others without no monetary exchange. This is fine. But what happens if you deplete yourself? In order to continue giving you need an exchange. In order to continue to give to others you must fill your own cup (cliché I know but it’s true). If you have money, this can allow you to do just that. Do not feel guilty for asking for money. Do not feel greedy for putting a price tag on your service. Do not have the fear you will turn in to a bad person. There are so many good people in this world who continue to benefit society and help reshape lives. They continue to give to society and benefit those who need it most. Continue to inspire and motivate those who may be lacking this. In order to give your service though you deserve to receive the exchange. With an abundance of money, you can reach more people. Do more things. Free more hearts. Save more lives. With an abundance of money, you can continue to reshape this world for the better and leave your mark.

Money can allow us to travel to different countries. Offer our service. Help local communities. Buy goods for those who cannot afford it. Continue to change this world. With an abundance of money, you can create the positive change that is needed. Do not feel guilty for asking for money. Do not feel like you are greedy or that you are not worthy of it. We are made to feel greedy when we want money. Made to feel that we have enough when we may not. It is important to seek gratitude for the things you have but you are also allowed to reach for more. To be unsatisfied at times in order to get more. If there is no push for more, you will never go and get it. You will never go and receive the abundance of money.

As many may have heard money is energy. So many of us put such a negative energy around money and constantly never have enough. Whilst there are others who have no attachments to money, and it keeps coming in abundance. You must look at money like a circle. What goes around comes around. If you continue to think of money, have fear you will turn greedy, feel you never have enough you will find yourself in this position. But if you change directions of this flow, see money as a positive energy, see that when it goes it will come back, see there is always an abundance of it you will be granted with the abundance of it.

Money comes and goes and that is ok. It is energy. You may have a good day followed by a bad day. But that doesn’t mean you will continue to keep having bad days (unless you are manifesting that or giving off that energy). Become detached to money. See it come and go. BUT appreciate it. Appreciate its value. Do not fear it. Do not feel greedy if you want more. Do not feel you are less of a person if you do not have as much as the person above you. We are all equal. We are all equal.

BUT on the contrary to this, if you need more money go and get it. Start manifesting it. See money as a vehicle that can help you create change. That can help you change lives. That can help you benefit society.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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