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It’s easy to get carried away. To get sucked into societal norms. To get sucked into the daily grind. To get sucked into daily life. We forget to actually live. We forget to actually enjoy life. We are constantly working. Constantly working to put food on the table. Constantly working for clean water. To pay for life’s necessities. To pay for living. We are constantly getting sucked into this cycle where we are working to live not living to work.

Why must we hate our jobs? Why is it ok to be unfulfilled, uninspired or unmotivated in our jobs? Why do we allow ourselves to settle for this? To settle for mediocre. To settle for unhappiness? We all have the capabilities to create a life with meaning. To work because we love it. To enjoy what we do. To make a difference. In our lives, we spend more time working then actually living. So how is it a fair trade to exchange two days to be free for five days of work? For five days of counting down the minutes until the weekend. In those two days, many are just trying to escape their work problems. Forget about the work stress. But why must we do this? How is it fair to exchange two days for five days?

It should be the other way around. Those five days we are working should be the best days. It should be rewarding. You should enjoy what you are doing. Whether it be making a difference, making someone smile or doing something you actually like. Why is this not the norm? Why do so many hate their jobs and settle for two days off so they can forget about everything? Why do we as society feel this is acceptable? Feel this is the norm?

We have all heard it before. Life is short.

We spend so much of our lives at work that it seems like a waste if we hate what we do. Dread going through those doors each day. Unmotivated to do well. Unmotivated to learn. Dislike our colleagues. Unhappy with our boss. Why do we settle for this?

Because we have been trained into this. Trained into this movement. Trained these patterns. Been told this is the norm and we all must settle. But this is not the case. We have the power to do anything we want to do. We have the power to shift our mindset and create a life we want. Create a life we desire. We have the power.

Change your perspective. Identify what makes you happy. Identify what makes you smile. Find out what lights you up. Make some changes. Take action.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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