Mental weight weighs more than body weight

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So many of us are wanting to lose weight physically. So many of us are wanting to burn those extra calories. To get to that certain dress size. To bulk up or slender down. We go to the gym. Smash out the 8-week challenges. Calorie count or diet restrict like there’s no tomorrow. Like this will solve the answer to all our problems. But what so many do not understand is that our minds have more weight in them than our body masses ever will. Our thoughts are more powerful than most give it credit for. Our mental state has the power to weigh us down for days. For years. To reduce our quality of life and keep us fixed in our heads.

We are always so quick to jump on the latest fitness trends. The latest diets. The latest crazes. But we’re not so quick about getting help. About jumping to clear our head. About jumping to look after our emotional health. About jumping to make sure our mental state is healthy.

Yes, we can see when someone puts on weight. We can see when someone loses weight. But can we see when someone’s thoughts are outweighing their power? Can we see when someone’s thoughts are controlling their every move? Can we see when someone’s thoughts are bringing them into a deep and dangerous mental state? It is this weight that is the scariest. It is this weight that can change a person’s life for the worse. It is this weight that causes the most significant harm. It can be a silent killer. It can creep up on us. We cannot measure it on a scale. It can be easily hidden. We can throw layers on top of layers and continue to dig it down. It’s not like a jumper where we can throw it on and take it off later. These layers continue to sink down until we decide to pull them out and deal with these issues. Until we decide to deal with this silent killer.

Instead of putting so much stress on the gym and getting to that specific weight goal, why don’t you take a minute to see where your head space is at. Where is your mind going? Where is your mental state at? Why don’t you start prioritising your mental health as much as you prioritise your physical health? Our mental health is just as important if not has more pull on our quality of life then our physical appearance. Our mental health has the power to get us through anything. Have you ever heard of Doctor Joe Dispenza walking after he did damage to his back? He got told he would never walk again and through his mind he changed that. He got himself out of that wheelchair despite what experts told him. He healed himself.

If only we started putting our mental health as a priority and reducing that weight! Reducing the impact our thoughts can have and minimising the weight of these. If only we put as much focus, as much energy, as much power to the mental weight and baggage we seem to all carry instead of the physical weight we can see. Because at the end of the day, it’s this hidden weight that causes the most harm. There’s no point having an amazing physique if your mental health isn’t right. If your mental state is crying for help. Our minds thoughts weigh more than your fat ever will.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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