Are you really killing it?

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You’re killing it.

You get that promotion, you win that final, you buy that house, you own your own car – all these moments would be classified as ‘killing it’. But is it really? Are you really happy? Are you really content within?

So many of us link ‘killing it’ with financial success. With financial gains. With a rise in status. So many of us link success to an external amount, to an external figure, to an external gain. But what is your mental state like? Where is your headspace at? There are so many pressures among society to get that new job, to buy that new car, to own that house- but what if it doesn’t make you any happier? What if it just adds to the constant pressures of needing to continue to keep paying your bills, to stick with that high-status job despite the horrible culture, what if these actions are actually making your situation worse and in hindsight actually killing your inner self?

Because what does killing it actually mean? Who decides where this is linked to? Why do we continue to associate killing it as a good thing? Why do we place these pressures on one another to feel we need to kill it, to feel we need to be a boss ass babe or feel we need to continue upping the ranks and earning those dollars. Why do we put this pressure on ourselves? All it is doing is strengthening that disconnection within and causing lasting damage we do not even realise we are causing. 

Are you breathing? Are you happy? Are you living the life you want? These are all signs of killing it. Life can be difficult. Life can be hard. Life can be unfair. But as long as we are happy within and continue to live our lives our way that Is the definition of killing it. That is the definition of creating and prospering happiness within. This is what we should be associating happiness with. This is how we should be associating killing it with. 

Remove the pressures that society continues to put on us. Remove yourself from this cycle. Kill life your way. Don’t feel like you have to get sucked into that 9-5 job, feel unhappy, dislike your boss or stand for shit. Life is too short to waste your time in these areas. Life is too short to just work and earn money. Yes, you need to earn money to pay for your living. Yes, you need money to buy food, to buy shelter, to buy water. These are the essentials in order to live. But think about where your money goes. Think about what percentage is actually going towards these areas and what percentage is going towards feeding the definition society believe makes us kill it. Think about where your money is actually going.

The next time you use the phrase killing it. Just think to yourself are you actually killing it. Is the person who just got the promotion actually killing it. Are they actually happy? Because at the end of the day, there’s no point living if you are unhappy within. There’s no point getting that job if it will make you unhappier within. There’s no point in getting that house if it is going to cause you more stress in the long run. There’s no point buying that car if you cannot afford it. Do not feel like you need to prove anything to anyone. Do not feel like you need to justify yourself to society.

At the end of the day,

You are your number one priority.

You are your number one.  

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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