One word can change someone’s life

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It’s no secret that words can be powerful. That our opinions can cause impact on others and can ultimately change their lives. Change their life for the good. Change their life for the worst. Our judgements, our words, our opinions, our voices can have the effect to turn someone’s life around. To change their perception of how they see themselves, of how they view themselves, of how they rate themselves. The words that sneak past our lips can cause significant harm to someone’s mental and emotional state as well as their physical state.

Despite how small or insignificant you may view certain words; in the right context it has enough power to change someone’s life and dictate how they view themselves entirely. These words can change the way they feel about themselves, how they value themselves and how they continue on with their lives. These words can be the decider as to if they put themselves first or continue through life putting others in front of them as they no longer believe they are important. They no longer view themselves as a human who is worth being heard. Who is worth being seen. Who is worth expressing how they feel. Who is worth being put first. Our words can impact the way some view themselves beyond what we could imagine.

Words are powerful. Yet so many throw words out there without thinking of the consequences. Without thinking of the impact it can have on someone’s life. Without understanding what may happen after those words are heard. After those words are spoken. It only takes one person to say one word to someone for that someone to have a completely different perspective of themselves. For that person to change the way they view themselves or how they treat themselves. Someone’s whole perception of themselves can be changed within minutes. The power words can have should not be disregarded.

Think about when we body shame someone. When we see magazines calling out different celebrities curves, their cellulite, their not so bikini body anymore, what do you think this is doing to their mental state? To have this plastered on every magazine for the world to see. What do you think this does to their physical state? Even if they are a celebrity, they still have feelings. They still are human. Body shaming is not ok. Using words such as fat, big, chubby, soft, solid, bumpy is not ok. These words can result in negative relationships being made and various mental issues arising.

Trust me- I have been there. I was called fat when I was just 8 years old and I had no idea the impact or repercussions it would have on me growing up. My subconscious held on to this image. It held on to this memory. It played on everything I did and dictated every action I took. Every step I made. It held me back and resulted in my late teenage years being so fixated on the way I looked. On the way others viewed me. I was so self-conscious and hated the person staring back at me. The hate and resentment would grow each day. This relationship all stemmed from one word. From one person calling me fat and changing the way I viewed myself over a long time.

Words are powerful. They can harm you more than you would think. More than you would expect. So next time you have something to say just ask yourself- is it coming from a place of love? Is it coming from a place of care? If it is not and it will serve nothing, then hold on to it and release when you are alone. That person does not need to hear that, nor do you want to be the reason for their negative relationship with themselves.

Use words wisely. Use them carefully. Use them to create change and build people up. Assist people when they need. Raise the consciousness of society and start spreading love to remove the hate and fear so many live in.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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