Becoming attached to a body image

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Upset about putting on that extra kg? Having trouble accepting the changes in your body as you continue to age? Feeling like you are constantly at battle with the way you look? Never being content with the eyes staring back at you? Beating yourself up when you are weighing more than you want to weigh?

This is a problem around majority of society. We become so attached to a specific look. So attached to a specific image. So attached to a specific version of ourselves that we want to become or maintain. We become attached to this image and when we find ourselves steering away from it, our thoughts take over and we head down that dark spiral. Head down that dark place. We allow ourselves to head back into that dark corner and feel unhappy within ourselves. But why? Why do we give ourselves that power? Why are we so attached to a specific body image in order to make us feel happy? In order for us to feel worthy? What will that body image do? 

When we allow ourselves to become attached to outcomes, solutions or images, we allow ourselves to be set up for disappointment. To be set up for failure. We allow ourselves to become dictated by these events and ultimately result in an unhealthy relationship being formed from within. When we become attached to a specific look, we start to identify ourselves as that particular image. As that particular figure. Our body becomes us. It becomes our be-all and end-all and when we put on a little bit of weight, we feel our whole world come spiralling down. Come crashing down. Our foundation is lost and we no longer associate ourselves with our personalities or what is within. We become attached to the façade we put out and the image we became attached to. 

The guilt and disappointment continue to suffocate our thoughts and perceptions as we continue to be at battle within. We continue to fight with ourselves and no longer value who we are without being that particular body shape. Without looking a certain way again. We allow our minds to play up and allow that voice to get louder as we lose what is most important to us. We lose the importance of self-acceptance and self-love. We lose the importance of loving ourselves unconditionally. We lose the importance of what is within instead of our exterior. We lose our power. We lose our faith. We lose our self-love.

But why must you be that particular shape? Why must you maintain that particular body figure? What is it that makes you feel so attached to this image? So attached to this look? What is it that makes us question our own self-worth when we no longer look a certain way or no longer feel like we are pretty enough? You must get yourself out of this pattern. Remove yourself from these thoughts. Become bigger than that voice in your head in order to shrink it down. A certain body shape will not change who you are. It will not change the person you are capable of being. You must love yourself unconditionally in order to finally find pure happiness.

Even if you maintain a certain body shape, the fact you are attached to this image will result in a constant battle within. It will result in various questions arising, various restrictions being made, various thoughts consuming your mind. You must detach yourself from this image and attach yourself to what is within. To what you are capable of sharing. To what your heart is capable of producing. This is ultimately love. Love is the most powerful gift one has. Love is the most powerful action we can give. Love is the most powerful cure. By removing attachments, you remove the constant feelings of disappointment. The constant feelings of never being enough. The constant chatter within your mind. You start to accept who you are for what you are. For what you can give. For what you can feel. For what you can spread on this earth.

We place so much pressure to look a certain way but for what? For 15 years of feeling amazing? Feeling sexy? Feeling beautiful? But what happens after? You cannot run away from age. Ultimately, we all get older, we all grow old, we all face the effects age can have on us. We cannot run away from the wrinkles that may appear, the grey hair that is creeping up or the slowness of our metabolism. We cannot run away from these factors so we may as well embrace them! So why get so caught up on maintaining a particular figure when we all come out the same end? We all leave this earth one way or another- sounds grim but it’s the truth.

So, don’t waste your time on being attached to a body. Don’t waste your time on being attached to a particular shape. Yes, go to the gym to get stronger, to train your muscles, to feel better from within but do not go there to maintain a physique that is not practical. That will result in you at constant battle within yourself. That will result in a constant fight within yourself. Do not waste your precious time and energy on feeling disappointed and upset within yourself. Life’s too short. Don’t waste your time. 

Remove the expectations. Remove the judgment. Remove the attachments. Your body does not define you and nor should you allow it to!

Start embracing who you are. Start embracing your body for all it is. Start living your life and freeing yourself from the constant chatter and disappointments that come about when you attach yourself to a certain body. You are powerful. You are worthy. You are destined for greatness. You are destined for growth. Go make your mark. Go create change. Go spread the word. Be proud of the person you are and don’t allow yourself to become dictated by your body.

You are powerful.
You are beautiful.
You are perfect the way you are.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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