Debunking the Norm

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School, study, college, degree, full time job, 9-5, partner, house, kids, repeat.

From a young age we are told or given an idea of what our lives should be like. What society perceives as the normal life, the normal hustle, the normal career. So much pressure is placed on us to follow this timeline, to follow this path, to follow the norm. We go to school, head to uni, get a degree, secure a full time 9-5 job (where we all know that you will be working overtime or your work life balance does not exist), live for the weekend, find a partner, buy a house, marry, have kids and then teach this life to your kids and repeat. This is the norm for society. Always feeling like we need to abide by society standards and confide in what majority call reality. But guess what- you don’t need this. You can reshape your own reality. You have the power to create your own reality. To live the life, you want. To live the life, you deserve.

Vishen Lakhiani refers to these as bulls**t norms and he is totally right (note; if you haven’t read ‘The code of the extraordinary mind,’ get onto it- it will change your life perspective and blow your mind away in a good way!). They are norms created by society in order to stop us from fulfilling our desires and truly succeeding. Once you detach yourself from these and start trusting within, you will find the answers to start living the life you want. To start creating the life you deserve. Why must we follow this normal life if it is not for all? This life may be perfect for some but how can we expect it to be perfect for all? We are all different. All unique. All desire different things and have different passions. Different standards. Different expectations. Just like we all look different. We all have different personalities. What a perfect life looks like for one person does not look the same for another. It’s time to debunk this myth and start creating the life you want.

Start with what makes you happy. What makes you smile. What do you love to do and what brings you joy? Whatever it is, do more of that. It’s that simple. Bring happiness into your life in some way. Start giving yourself what you truly desire. Once you start breaking away from the society norms and start doing what you want to do, you will find opportunities will start to arise as you start to shift your energy. Start to lift your vibrations. Start to finally feed that inner child and with it find inner happiness. Remove yourself from the mindset we must be on the path outlined above. That success means we have been to uni, secured a full time job, have a family and own a house. This does not define success to all of us nor should it. To some this is what success looks like but how can we expect it to look like that for all? Detach yourself from this. Start going against the norm and doing what feels right for you. Use your support circle for help. For guidance. Start connecting within and finding what a perfect life looks like for you and how you can achieve this.

Remove the society expectations so many of us feel we need to achieve and abide by. Detach yourself form this path and start creating the path you want. Remove the guilt. Remove the fear. Insert it with excitement. Insert it with happiness. Have faith. Trust yourself.

We are fortunate to live in a society that is so connected. Jobs that never existed 10 years ago now exist. The opportunities we now have at our door steps were not there 5 years ago. Do you want to know why? Because some people went against the norm. Created the dreams they wanted and listened within. 5 years ago working remotely was not a big thing. Speaking to international clients was a challenge. Now we are able to work from wherever we desire. Have an endless amount of connections thanks to the big world web. More opportunities continue to arise each day. Now is the time to break the norm and start trusting within. Start creating your norm and what your dream life looks like. Use the tools that we are blessed to have and craft the path you want.

Detach yourself from society pressures and trust your intuition. If you find a hiccup along the way - good! This allows you to grow. To strengthen your abilities and learn. Know that a mistake is never seen as a mistake. It is seen as a growth. It will teach you a lesson you need in order to learn and avoid it happening again. Celebrate these wins! Don’t see them as loses. See them as phases of growth.

Debunk the norm. Debunk the normal life. Don’t live for the weekend. Live for every day! Live for every second. Life is a blessing. Don’t waste it on something that does not make you happy. Find your joy. Find your path. Listen to your intuition. Follow your heart. Doing this will bring you a life of happiness.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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