Disconnect to Reconnect

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Do you:

  1. Reach for your phone unintentionally and scroll through social media?

  2. Find you lose track of time when scrolling and realise what was meant to be a quick 5min scroll turned into 60min scroll?

  3. Feel deflated and unmotivated with a growing hate for yourself after you have been scrolling?

  4. Find you get pains in your body after you have been on social media?

  5. When you’re bored your first instinct is to reach for your phone?

  6. Do you find yourself on your phone when there is silence or when you are out with friends?

Which are you guilty of? Is it a combination?

Unfortunately, we are living in a society that is sooo connected, yet sooo disconnected at the same time. Instead of focusing on what’s happening within, we continue to reach out and distract ourselves. Distracting ourselves from the messages our bodies are continuing to tell us. That our bodies are continuing to scream out to us. Instead of working on ourselves we are bringing ourselves down as comparison hits and we get stuck in the void of social media. Stuck in the comparison mode as our vision is clouded by what lays in front of that screen. By what is perceived as the perfect life. Our happiness is questioned as we allow that screen to dictate the way we feel inside or how we perceive our own lives. But how can we expect to connect if we have a wall built up with ourselves. If we ignore the signs our bodies give to us, we will continue to become distracted by what social media makes us desire to want.

Sometimes we must disconnect to reconnect.
Disconnect from the phone.
Disconnect from the screen.
Disconnect from social media.
Reconnect within.

Focus on what your body is telling you. Focus on working on yourself by doing things that make you feel good. Whether that be exercising, socialising, painting, anything that puts a smile on your face. Do just that. Start connecting within and learn to listen to what your body is telling you. Learn to interpret the signs it continues to show you. Your body is craving something- allow it to tell you.

So many of us hate to mediate but why is this? Are we scared of what is to come up? Are we scared of facing the truth? Are we scared to face the hole we are trying to fill and continue to ignore? You will get to a time in your life where you cannot fill this hole anymore. Where that screen or social media cannot numb that pain anymore. That you will get to a halt and have nowhere to go. If you continue to try burry these feelings, you will dig yourself deeper in this hole and find it hard to come out of. Find you reach a point where you cannot dig anymore. Where social media no longer serves you and you have nowhere to go. Stop avoiding your feelings and start facing them.

Disconnect to reconnect.

Reconnect within. Reconnect with your intuition. Start giving yourself the time you need and deserve. Stop avoiding your feelings and start facing them. Connect within and find your answers. Find what your body is trying to tell you. Think about it. The happiest people seem to be the poorest people. They do not have technology. They do not have that screen to continue to distract them from themselves. They do not have that world to create noise and quieten the voices inside. They do not have anything to compare to. They are content within themselves and with their lives. They are connected within and are able to identify what truly makes them happy. What truly makes them smile.

They have built strong foundations within and do not feel the need to fill the hole inside with a fake reality.

They are connected. Truly connected.

So next time you catch yourself scrolling to fill in time or reaching for a distraction, use this as a sign to switch off. To connect within. To connect to yourself. To strengthen that relationship within. Use this sign to start claiming your power back,

Disconnect to reconnect.

Love from the Italian who loves to speak,

Lauren xo

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