Finding stillness in a scattered mind

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It can be hard. To try and find some sense of calmness. To try and find some sense of stillness amongst a chaotic mind. How can one expect to shut down the thoughts when they are amplified? How can one expect to be mindful when their brain is ticking 24/7. It is hard.

But that does not mean impossible. That does not mean it cannot be done. 

Trying to find a sense of stillness in a chaotic mind is challenging but not impossible. I have personally found meditation has worked for me but I know so many who are reluctant to try this or find it boring. Yes, that may be highlighting you probably need to incorporate it into your daily routine, but if this feels too challenging to start with, there are other ways that may resonate with you. I decided to conduct a list of other ways that have helped me find some sort of calmness in my crazy mind. There is no point leaping forward if you will fall back further. Take tiny steps to help you reduce the noise above and maybe, you might feel called to try meditating down the track... just maybe ;)


Oh, how writing does wonders. You know when you have an idea and you need to tell someone or write it down so you don't forget? Writing your problems or what is circulating in your mind actually helps get it out! It releases some tension and gets it out of your brain and onto paper. Now I am not saying it will remove the noise completely, but it may turn the dial down and help you find some sort of peacefulness or remove the worry/frustration the noise above is creating. 


Think about how much energy is stored up in your mind. How much energy each thought has. Each pattern has. In order to move some of this noise, I dare you to try moving and grooving to the beat (or not to a beat- so don't try and tell me you can't do this because you can't dance to a beat). This exercise is powerful. It shifts energy. It releases tension. It increases dopamine! And I bet you won't be able to remove the grin or awkward smile you have on your face as you think 'is someone watching me or going to walk in on me?' OWN IT! Put on some tunes. Jump into some sweats. Start popping and locking your body and see the magic that can happen.


Dancing not your thing? Maybe try another sort of exercise. This could be walking, running, doing an exercise class or going to the gym. Anywhere you can get a little sweaty and get your body moving to help quieten the mind above. By removing yourself from your trapped thoughts, you are allowing energy to move through your body and giving your mind something else to focus on. Something else that causes pleasure or a sense of happiness (or in my case, slightly dying during a workout but the endorphins after it and that natural high you get is worth it.) 


Sometimes escaping our lives into someone else's life helps remove some of the noise above. It removes you from the situation you are in and takes you to another setting where you can feel apart of the book. Love novels are a sucker if they are up to your alley, as they take you on a journey and make you feel apart of the process. The little escape from your life is refreshing as your mind focuses on something else that usually has a happy ending ;) Plus, it broadens your vocabulary and keeps your mind active on something other than the chaotic thoughts that are clouding your mind.


I am not much of a chef, but more of a baker. I LOVE to bake and find it so therapeutic. Find something you love to cook/bake. Maybe it is a childhood recipe that takes you back to some beautiful moments. Maybe it is your favourite cookie or your favourite cake that gives you all the feels. Go create! You occupy your mind and remove it from the chaotic mess above and focus on something that is bringing you joy. My go-to is Green Kitchens apple muffins- MIND BLOWINGLY INSANE!!!!! I also subbed out the apple for pear and they are still INSANE!! You will not regret trying these gems. 


It's no secret I am a firm believer in taking care of yourself and ensuring you are being kind and compassionate to her. Self love is an essential tool we all need in our lives in order to heal our own relationship with ourselves or strengthen it. I have personally found using my Self Love Diary has helped me immensely. I find it the accountability partner I need, where I don't need to think of different tasks to do, I just need to worry about completing the weekly tasks which always make me feel good. But if you weren't able to get your hands on one of these, writing a list of 10 things you love doing (these can be as little or as big as you like) then allowing yourself a week to complete each one. Setting aside some time to do something that makes you feel good can help alleviate some of that noise above as you start to focus on things that fill you up! 


YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed about the thoughts circulating above, the stresses you have or the pressures you may be experiencing. Bottling it up just feeds the chaos above and if anything, simply adds to it. In order to help quieten it, I found talking to someone helped immensely! Now I am not saying you need to go see a psychologist or an expert (although I personally feel everyone can benefit from one!) talking to someone close to you or someone you trust can help in more ways than you would know. Voicing the chaos above helps reduce some of it and gets it out of there. They don't need to give you advice, they just need to be your soundboard. A non-judgemental soundboard of course.


So I hope something from this list resonates with you and you are inclined to try it. A chaotic mind is hard to escape but once you have a tool kit, you can take from this and do tasks that may help to soften the noise and escape the storm above. 

With love,

Lauren Minicozzi xx

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